Slow cooker pulled ham with homemade crispy roastiessweet potatoes and veggies …

Slow cooker pulled ham 🐖with homemade crispy roasties🥔sweet potatoes 🍠 and veggies 🥦 drizzled in gravy 🍯👌
Monday’s are for good hearty dinners😍
I get so many questions about how I do my ham in the slow cooker, I literally plonk it in, put some water in (about 150-300ml depending on the size), I turn it on before I leave for work and I only take it out when I’m ready to make dinner. There’s no timing or measuring involved, the longer it cooks the better 👌 I cook it on low and forget about it then 🙊
I find having an easy ready to eat meal like this so handy to have on a Monday because we are always so busy on Mondays catching up after the weekend!
I like to have big dinner, it would be my biggest meal calorie wise too 🐷
510 Calories
39g Protein
54g Carbs
15g Fat