I have recently got a lot of new followers so said I’d tell you guys a bit about…

I have recently got a lot of new ers so said I’d tell you guys a bit about myself and how I become such a foodie🍽
My journey started in 2015, I was stuck in a rut, just out of a bad relationship, overweight, eating crap and wanted to more comfortable in my own skin so I set myself a goal of a “12 Week challenge”. I joined my first gym, not a clue what to be doing, I spent way to much time on the treadmill but also fell in love with lifting weights. I started researching nutrition and applying it to my own diet, just eating cleaner didn’t track anything and the results blew me away (swipe right to see). A few years later with a better knowledge of the gym and nutrition I prepped for a photoshoot which was a pretty cool experience, loved every minute of it and learnt the fundamentals of nutrition. Through that I learnt how to track my calories properly! It wasn’t until after it I struggled, I went from eating off a food plan for nearly a year to trying to do it on my own😫 I had such a bad relationship with food, I labeled foods as “good” and “bad”, I avoided high calorie foods which I thought would “ruin” my diet, and when I did have those foods I thought fuck it and ate all around me binging most weekends until I physically felt sick 🐷 told myself each weekend that that was it now no more, until the next weekend came around after a week of staying on track, I had a taste of “bad” food and binged to the feeling of sickness again, it was a vicious cycle 😷 I pushed friends away, avoided social outings as I couldn’t track meals out/drink. I was very anxious about foods that I couldn’t scan into My Fitness Pal, if it didn’t have a barcode, I couldn’t track it so I didn’t eat it. Sad I know but that’s how bad I had it. After joining an affiliate program where I was just given my calories and left to it, through trail and error and learning more about training and nutrition, I learnt that by allowing myself some of these “bad” foods everyday, fitting them into my macros that I wouldn’t feel the need to overdo it on them at the weekends. It took time, and sometimes I binged but I learnt from these mistakes and moved on rather than stressing
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