I am eating healthy but I can’t lose weight I hear this SO much A lot of the ti…

I am eating healthy but I can’t lose weight⁉️
I hear this SO much 🤔A lot of the time “eating healthy” doesn’t mean you are eating within your calorie needs. Most “health foods” are calorie dense and eaten in small amounts are great for you but the problem is portion size with these foods.
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Putting a spoon of peanut butter into your morning oats or yoghurt is healthy right? You could be adding another 300 calories just to try make your meal “healthier”, you could have had 3 chocolate bars instead of that🙈🥜 or drizzling olive oil over your salad ! Many times Iv been peckish out shopping and grabbed a bag of trail mix/ yogi nuts and eaten the bag as I shopped not realizing that Iv eaten half my daily calories 🤯🤯🤯
I never jumped on the rice cake bandwagon, I would rather a kinder or freddo bar as a treat for the same calories as 1 yoghurt covered cardboard cake 🙈
My point is before you choose a snack/food based on how healthy you think you are being read the nutritional label to see if you could make a smarter choice or weigh out a smaller amount to save some calories 🧐