Eating out/ getting a take-away/ having a meal “off plan/off track” Can we do t…

Eating out/ getting a take-away/ having a meal “off plan/off track”🍕🍔
Can we do this and still achieve our goals? ABSOLUTELY it can be done in a way that fits your daily calories, you just have to be smart about it and make adjustments 🤓 This can be done in 2 ways:
1️⃣ Reducing calories the days leading up to it, small changes such as reducing your calories by 100-200 calories a day for 5 days will give you and extra 500-1000 calories for your meal out/takeaway.
2️⃣Reducing your calories on the day you plan on eating out. This can be done by pushing back meals (eating them later), having lower calorie meals such as omelets/salads/stir frys and snacking on lower calorie foods such as Greek yoghurt and fruits.
Both will leave Calories for your takeaway/meal.
-Stay hydrated through out the day, this will help you feel full and reduce snacking🥃
-Keep active during the day, go for a walk/gym session to prevent boredom eating and it’ll burn an extra few calories🕺
-Most importantly ENJOY your meal and time spent with friends/family 💕 Don’t stress about it or feel guilty about it! Get back into your normal routine/eating habits/plan after it 💪🏻
I used to stress SO much about eating out, not knowing what calories were in the foods, I would scan the menu looking for what I thought was the “healthiest/low calorie” so much so that I didn’t enjoy the meal or give my full attention to they people I was with 💔 If lockdown has taught us anything is the importance of spending time with loved ones and I will never take that for grated again 💕 I have a much better relationship with food now I eat out at least once a week and I am still achieving my goals 💪🏻 Balance and all that ⚖️